On the morning of 07/03/2023, Taisho Co., Ltd. held the Inauguration Ceremony of Lipovitan Factory Expansion Project. Guests of honor were Mr. Ta Hong Quang – Director of Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Xanh Duong – Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade, Mr. Ton That Toan – Director of CDC Khanh Hoa, on behalf of Taisho Vietnam was Mr. Tatsuhiko Tsuchiya – Representative of Japan Taisho Group, Ms. Matsuo Yuki – General Director of Taisho Vietnam and directors of departments and staff. of Taisho Vietnam.

Lễ khánh thành mở rộng nhà máy Lipovitan tại Khánh Hòa, diễn ra ngày 07/03/2023

The inauguration ceremony of Lipovitan factory expansion in Khanh Hoa on March 7th, 2023

At the ceremony, Ms. Matsuo Yuki – General Director of Taisho Vietnam shared, “This year, we were celebrating the 27th birthday of Lipovitan factory. This brand was born in Japan but has developed and been loved by Vietnamese consumers thanks to your great contribution. To realize the breakthrough leap, we have installed more production lines, built more warehouses. As a result, both production and export capacity doubled, but at the same time, there was great pressure on the sales team.”

Bà Matsuo Yuki – Tổng GĐ Taisho Việt Nam phát biểu

Ms. Matsuo Yuki – General Director of Taisho Vietnam was sharing

After a long period of production activities, our business situation has been still going smoothly, the factory has also continuously increased production and by 2021, we had made decision to expand the factory. From the beginning of 2022, we have expanded the factory, and after 1 year, both the new warehouse and the new production line have formed. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, and we are also very pleased to be able to organize the inauguration of the factory in this memorable year.” – Mr. Tatsuhiko Tsuchiya – Representative of Taisho Japan also shared at the ceremony.

Đại diện Taisho Nhật Bản – Ông Tatsuhiko Tsuchiya phát biểu

Mr. Tatsuhiko Tsuchiya – Representative of Taisho Japan was speaking

The groundbreaking ceremony to expand the factory was carried out in December 2021, so far, after more than 14 months of construction, the new factory has been completed and the modern production line will be officially operated. There are a lot of outstanding advantages compared to the old factory such as an expanded warehouse area of 3,181m2, the entire line operating towards automation and a production capacity of 25-30 trays / min compared to the old line of only 13-15 on / min, Lipovitan believes that with these improvements, it will be enough to supply the increasing demand of consumer.

Khách mời tham dự Lễ khánh thành mở rộng nhà máy Lipovitan

Guests of honor participated the Inauguration ceremony of Lipovitan expansion factory

Lipovitan would like to apply production techniques, develop products with Japanese quality so that we can develop more and more stably and sustainably in the Vietnamese market, continuing to contribute more to the economic development of the locality.
All Lipovitan employees will constantly strive to supply high quality products to the market, contributing more to society as well as the development of Vietnam.





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